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The Best of Nature in One Scoop

Finding the Right Supplement Shouldn't be Such a Struggle

Maybe you’re tired of never quite feeling well. Or running out of energy halfway through the day. Or struggling to lose those last few pounds. 

Or maybe you look in the mirror and see an older version of yourself  –– Staring. Right. Back. At. You.

Or perhaps you look and feel perfectly fine. But you worry about making sure you’ll stay healthy in the future. Worry what you’d miss in life if you don’t avoid some of the health challenges your parents went through.

You want to feel your best now.  And you don’t want to have to change EVERYTHING about your lifestyle in order to do it.

So you look for just the right nutritional supplement to help.  But how do you choose the right one?

The Impossible Task – Creating the Perfect Supplement Routine

Choosing between the different supplements can be pretty tough.  

Multivitamins.  Superfood powders.  Antioxidant pills.

Standing in front of the rows of supplements on store shelves can be enough to cause anxiety and fear. Typing in a search on Amazon or Google can be even more overwhelming.

Starting with a multivitamin seems like a good start..  

But then one of your friends asks if you’re taking enough carotenoids.  And what about the miraculous benefits of another nutrient called resveratrol…

You look at your newly purchased multivitamin and realize you aren’t getting either of those things.

So you have a choice – ignore her (and hope those nutrients don’t really matter) or search for a better multivitamin.

But then, you read a story on your news feed telling you that you need to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut because 70% of your immune health resides there.

Another article tells you not to forget about polyphenols and phytonutrients…

And suddenly, “getting healthier” starts to become stressful…and not to mention expensive. 

You know your health is worth it, but you’re starting to feel like you need a masters degree in nutrition to figure all this out.

If you don’t take more supplements, you may be missing out on the difference maker in your health…

But taking too many supplements is going to cost way more than you want to spend…

And you run the risk of taking too many supplements which can be dangerous too.

And while putting together the right supplement routine is difficult enough, the nutritional studies point to an even more overwhelming problem…

All This Anxiety and Frustration...And You Are Still Missing Out On What You need

There are roughly 100,000 nutrients in fruits and vegetables – according to research from Harvard, the American Cardiology Association and Johns Hopkins University. Your job is to get as many of those as possible in the right balance every day.

But, over 99% of us don’t manage it. 

If you think taking 1 or 2 supplements is a painful daily task, we’ve got some bad news for you. To get all your nutrients, you’d have to take 8 or more traditional supplements per day:


Multivitamin pills for the common 20 to 30 vitamins and minerals.


Trace mineral pills for the other 70+ minerals including zinc, selenium, chromium and iodine.


Antioxidant pills for the 1000s of antioxidants from plants like Coenzyme Q10, SOD and lutein.


Skin-Hair-Nail health pills for carotenoids, vitamin E, biotin, B vitamins and Omega 3s.


A bone health pill for the right balance of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, silicon and vitamin K.


A quality green superfood powder for all those essential nutrients from green veggies.


A good probiotic and prebiotic for all those beneficial bacteria for a healthy gut.


Fresh-Pressed Juice so you get nutrients from orange, purple, red, and green veggies and fruits.

Feeling overwhelmed?

You’re not alone. Should you really have to muster your strength to open your supplement cabinet every morning? Are you willing yourself to better health even though you know it means dealing with wheatgrass and multivitamin burp all day?

The research sees it in a more frightening way…

Maybe you are secretly wondering if it’s worth all the effort. Are all of these pills even helping you?

The studies have (for once) been in agreement…

All these lab-made supplements may actually be doing more harm than good.

As if the difficulty of taking these supplements wasn’t bad enough…

While you shouldn’t be looking for your supplement to cure cancer, you certainly don’t want it to be causing cancer.

But that’s precisely the risk. Due to megadoses of nutrients or high doses of heavy metals — according to research from the Journal of the American Medical Association and New England Journal of Medicine.


You Deserve a Better Kind of Supplement

Something that combines the best of those 8 different supplements into one. Something that makes you healthier rather than less healthy. Something that is balanced and complete. And for once, something that is simple and tasty.

Finding such a supplement is a challenging task. Life is stressful enough, your nutritional program shouldn’t add to that stress. And nobody knows this better than our CEO, Josh Malin…

Harnessing the Phyto-Micro Nutrient Balance in Vitaforce

The Story Behind Why Josh Created Vitaforce

Josh’s family has always struggled with some frightening health issues. From parents with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and an auto-immune condition, to his brother, Steve, with autism.

After 11 years of struggles, one physician pushed Josh in the direction of exploring the latest nutrition studies.  With his background in research, Josh relished the task. But it was a huge job. So he enlisted the help of a group of pharmaceutical scientists. 

Over 3 years the team reviewed over 23,236 studies. One conclusion kept coming up…and it’s a game changer: the most important factor for optimal health is a balanced intake of nature’s nutrients. But only if they came from the full rainbow of fruits and veggies, not lab-made nutrients.

The next challenge was finding how to source fruits and vegetables that were high enough in nutrients – but low in dangerous heavy metals and other contaminants. And since his brother Steve wouldn’t swallow pills or drink anything bitter or unpleasant – Josh also had to try many different recipes until he got a version that even Steve would happily drink.

2 years later – Vitaforce was finally born. Vitaforce was created to quickly and easily provide all the nutrition needed by Josh’s parents and brother. They all still thrive on it today. And now Josh has teenage sons of his own – who also get their morning Vitaforce. 

Vitaforce: Get the Perfect Balance of Nutrients

The Best Fruits and Vegetables Available For You In 1 Scoop

The key isn’t to choose one or two “miraculous” individual ingredients…it’s to choose them all.

Step 1


We select only the best ingredients and from our detailed review of 347 different farms…from the depths of the Icelandic ocean, to the heights of the world’s highest altitude organic farm in Tibet.

Step 2


Each of our farms follow the best farming practices and use fertile, rich soil. Our heirloom fruits, vegetables, and superfoods are picked at peak ripeness for the highest nutritional content.

Step 3


As soon as they’re picked, each ingredient goes through our Whole Nutrient Cold Drying process and is gently milled into a fine powder. This locks in all the delicate nutrients and makes them very bioavailable.

Step 4

It’s all mixed together using our “V-Curve” formula. We tried 212 different formulas to ensure that Vitaforce tastes great and provides ALL your nutrients in the perfect ratios according to the latest research.

“Vitaforce is so Different From Other Products…”

Watch this short 1 minute 16 second video from Dorothy (one of our customers) – explaining what she learned about supplements that opened her eyes.

Replace Over 8 Different Supplements with Just 1 Delicious Daily Scoop

Vitaforce Makes Your Routine as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Preparing and drinking Vitaforce takes less than 5 minutes. Spend more time journaling, meditating, or just rolling over and hitting the snooze button.

When you’ve had your Vitaforce drink – you’ll know your health is taken care of for the rest of the day. You’ll even find yourself looking forward to your deliciously simple morning drink. And then all that’s left to do is wonder how we snuck broccoli sprouts, spirulina, and kale past your taste buds without you even noticing.

 1. One scoop of Vitaforce…

2. Mix with your liquid or smoothie of choice…

3. Enjoy!

A Complete Supplement Routine at a Fraction of the Price

Save Your Money AND Improve Health

Whether you’re currently taking just 1 or as many as 8 supplements per day, Vitaforce will significantly upgrade your supplement routine. And at a small fraction of the cost of what you’d spend for all 8 supplements…your end of month bank balance will be thanking you almost as much your body.

Total Cost Per Month: $180 – $570

  • Fresh Juice: $60 – $150 per month
  • Trace Mineral Pill: $15 – $50 per month
  • Skin, Hair and Nail Pill: $15– $50 per month
  • Prebiotic / Probiotic Pill: $15 – $50 per month
  • Multivitamin Pill: $15 – $50 per month
  • Bone Builder Pill: $10 – $50 per month
  • Superfood Powder: $30 – $120 per month
  • Eye Health Pill: $15 – $30 per month


Total Cost Per Month: $54.99*

*Most Expensive Package Used for Comparison
(as low as $39.99 total cost per month with our least expensive package)

Vitaforce Is Packed Full Of Fresh-Foods

1 Scoop of Vitaforce is the Same as Eating…

Do you really have enough free time to focus on getting all your nutrients from what you eat? Carefully measure out your brazil nuts for selenium, your broccoli for chromium, your lentils for zinc…oh wait, you had 1/2 teaspoon too much kelp and now your iodine levels are way out of balance. Stop it! We’ve got you covered. We already did all the research to make sure you get the perfect amounts of each:

Vitamin A

2 cups of raw spinach

Vitamin C

3/4 cup strawberries

Vitamin D

10 cups of fortified orange juice


4 cups black beans


3 cups of green peas

Vitamin B6

5 bananas


1 cup lentils

Vitamin B12

8 cups of fortified almond milk


20 medium tomatoes

Pantothenic Acid

4 cups sunflower seeds


4 cups raw broccoli


48 dried prunes


1 cup kale


7 ounces cashews


2 cups mushrooms


17 cups green beans


48 dried prunes 18 cups romaine lettuce


8 ounces fermented sauerkraut


1 cup dandelion greens

Wake Up To The Next Evolution Of The Multivitamin

You need more than just vitamins and minerals. Phytonutrients really matter too. And because Vitaforce is made from the high quality fresh fruits and vegetables – you can rest assured they’re all in there.

You aren’t looking to get a masters degree in orthomolecular science. So you probably don’t need to know the names of the thousands of phytonutrients in every scoop of Vitaforce.

But we thought you might want to see a small sample of the nutritional goodness in every single scoop.

Benefits of Using Vitaforce Daily

When You Get ALL the Nutrients Your Body Needs…Great Things Can Happen

Vitaforce is easier to take making your morning routine simple and quick. 


Balancing Your Immune System

Balance your immune system all year around. We include immune balancing rich whole food vitamin sources of C and D, and zinc, along with polyphenols, probiotics and prebiotics. Helping to minimize those down days you can’t afford and keeping your kids safer from playground bugs and viruses.


More Energy

The key to more energy is having the right balance of nutrients to fuel your body. It all starts with nutrients like B-complex vitamins and manganese to help you convert your food into energy. Then polyphenols, prebotiocs and probiotics help make sure all those nutrients are properly absorbed through improving your gut health. And finally, nitrate rich beet juice and spinach help to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to fuel your daily activites. Vitaforce provides all those things. Enjoy a comfortable energy boost throughout the day without the need for coffee or herbal stimulants.


Healthy Digestion

Maintain a healthy digestive tract. Through a combination of powerful probiotic strains, a hefty dose of prebiotics, and whole berries rich in polyphenols. Helping to prevent constipation, bloating, or stomach pains.


Radiant Skin, Hair And Nails

Prevent premature aging, dull skin, lackluster hair, and fragile nails. Using citrus fruits to increase collagen production, berries for antioxidant protection, as well as building blocks like carotenoids, vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, biotin, silica, and so much more. Think shiny hair, glowing skin, and constant questions from friends about what you’ve been doing differently.


Support Healthy Blood Sugars

Provide nutritional support for healthy blood sugar levels. By combining blood sugar managing nutrients in whole food form, like chromium, magnesium, prebiotic fibers and vitamin D, along with berry polyphenols and protective carotenoids. Meaning less damage to organs, nerves, and blood vessels.


Stronger Bones

Support for your bones with whole food calcium, magnesium, vitamins D and K, probiotics and prebiotics, polyphenols, along with over 70 trace minerals, and bone building greens like kale and collard greens. So you can tackle that next challenge or just play with your kids or your grandkids without the same fears about getting hurt.

And so many more benefits including fighting inflammation, free radical damage, cellular health repair, and nutritional support for your adrenal glands, cardiorespiratory system, liver, and brain.


Why Vitaforce is Risk Free For You to Try

Our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re sure you’re going to love Vitaforce. For you and for your family. You’ll love the feeling of new found energy, longer concentration, and a strengthened immune system. But if you don’t, we’ll give you a prompt refund of the full purchase price on your first order. No questions asked.

With our 90 day industry leading guarantee, you’re in safe hands.

Free Shipping

Vitaforce is Great Because of What We Put INTO It

We are obsessive over each ingredient.  And we choose only the best. Our whole food ingredients provide so many benefits, such as:


Beets provide nitrates which may improve energy and athletic performance


Parsley provides apigenin which may promote that “full” feeling for weight loss


Pomegranates provides polyphenols which may promote healthy weight loss


Prebiotics promote a healthier gut which may reduce anxiety, stress, and depression


Purple grapes provide resveratrol which may promote longevity and activate AMPK


Broccoli sprouts provide sulforaphane which may improve behavior in autism


Blueberries provide anthocyanins which may lower blood sugar levels


Spinach provides ecdysterone which may significantly increase muscular strength


Cranberries which provide quercetin which may significantly boost immune function

Great Because of What We DON’T Put Into It


No cheap fillers


Not filled with synthetics and isolated vitamins


No ingredients from China


No gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, corn, eggs, animal ingredients, GMO’s or pesticides


No refined sugars, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors


No herbal stimulants or caffeine

And Tested To Make Sure It’s Perfect For You

Each batch of Vitaforce is made to our exacting standards and 3rd party tested to the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

Free Shipping

We Trust Our Customers to Say it Best…



More of our wonderful customers...

Still Got Questions?

Why not speak with our CEO and ask?

We LOVE questions.  Even if it’s not about Vitaforce and it’s just a supplement related question.

We’re available.  How?

Call 877-252-1136. 
Or Email:

You can also join our CEO Josh Malin on his weekly Facebook Lives (every Wednesday from 5pm PST).  Ask him questions live in the chat!

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  1. My favorite. Love it.

  2. Thank you for making a better multivitamin. I just want to get my nutrients from actual foods not pills. This make my life so much easier. I appreciae this so much!

  3. This is so good. I just wanted a superfood powder I could take everyday without hating the taste. They are all so gross, but Vitaforce is great. I just mix it in water.

  4. Vitaforce has been fabulous for me. I was looking for something to help me with my weight loss goals. I’ve been trying to lose about 20 to 25 pounds but I keep getting too many cravings. I figured I might be missing some key nutrients even though I was taking a daily multi. Turns out, within a few weeks of taking Vitaforce, my sweet cravings are pretty much gone. Lost another 10 pounds since.

  5. Love, Love LOVE Vitaforce! Best supplement I’ve ever taken.