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Your body is amazing.

Every second it performs over 37 thousand billion billion (that’s 21 zeros) chemical reactions to keep you alive. These chemical reactions help with every function in your body. Such as fighting off illnesses, giving you energy to do the things you love, helping you concentrate on your work, and so much more.

These 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions rely on nutrients to function.

These nutrients come from the food you eat.

But sadly, most of us don’t give our bodies enough nutrients to aid these chemical reactions. And this causes imbalances as our body tries to compensate for the missing nutrients.

This leads to a weakened body which can make you ill more often, cause fatigue, and damage your body over time.

A study by the USDA found that only 10% of people get enough nutrients from their diet!

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Why our founder and CEO, Josh, created vitaforce

Some moments in your life, define who you become.

I grew up in a household where health was an issue and this shaped my life journey.

Watch the video to find out a more about the moments in my life that led me to create Vitaforce.

I made Vitaforce for my family.  And I’m excited to share it with yours.

Got Burning Questions About Supplementation?

Vitaforce was formulated based on A LOT of research of peer reviewed studies.  Every component of Vitaforce, from the ingredients, to the suppliers, to the exact amounts of each nutrient was by design. 

We’re confident that Vitaforce is the best choice for you and your family…but we expect you’ll have questions.

After all, everyone’s nutritional needs are different. 

Ask the questions that you have. And get the answers that you need. This way you can make the best choice for your body.

Even if you have questions about other supplements.  Or you’re not sure whether you’re going to buy Vitaforce.

We’re available.  How?



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What our customers say…

If Vitaforce could help me on my 100 mile workouts, imagine what it could do for anybody else”

– Ron.

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