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Vitaforce 6 Bottles


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  1. Rob L.

    I’ve tried so many of these sorts of green powders. Organifi, Athletic Greens, Amazing Grass among others. I always felt like I was wasting my money. They tasted gross and chalky too. I’ve been taking this one now for the last 6 months. Not only does it taste perfectly fine in water (and really, really good in my morning smoothie), but it’s the first supplement I’ve taken that actually makes me feel better. Last month I ran out of it and my energy levels started dropping back down. So happy to be taking it again daily, and I’m making sure I always have more on hand.

  2. Kim P.

    My best friend had been taking this stuff and told me I needed to take it. A few months ago, I noticed that her skin and hair looked amazing. I asked her what she was doing differently and she said taking Vitaforce. So I finally started, and now my skin and hair are looking so much better too. Took a few months, but loving it.

  3. Nicki M.

    I have so many bottles of supplemnts in my kitchen. This is the first one I have been able to take consistently. I have more energy and my skin looks great. Been taking it for 5 months now and I’m still actually taking it. It’s really easy and it works. And I like the taste

  4. Theo A.

    This stuff has really helped me get my blood sugars under better control. I test my blood sugars everyday at home and they were over 100 every morning. Now they are in the low 90s and even the high 80s. I know the maker of this has parents who are diabetic which is why I started this. I can’t believe how well its working. Also feel more energy. I’m very happy.

  5. Barbara G.

    I’m a little older (over 65) and I took a chance trying this. I’ve had the same supplement routine for years but it was expensive and took a lot of time. This isn’t cheap either but it is so much easier. And I’m actually saving money each month. So glad I changed my routine. I feel so much more energy and now I’m even able to exercise more. So many people have told me I have a healthy glow. A number of my friends are now taking it too.

  6. Olivia I.

    I started taking Vitaforce a few months ago. It has helped to reduce my bloating and improve my digestion. I have been sharing this product with my friends and they love it too.

  7. Ana N.

    Amazing! This is as happy as I have ever been with a supplement. This product has helped me not feel so sluggish and tired.

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