“Getting all your nutrients from diet alone…is really hard”


Because you’re busier than ever…starting the day by rushing your kids to school. Skipping lunch or wolfing it down before your next meeting. Squeezing family time into your evening…before spending another couple of hours on your laptop.

Time has become a luxury.  Studies show that you’re more stressed than ever.  And your health has taken the brunt of this stress. 

You know that just like a car…what you put into your engine, will drive how you perform.

A great fuel source will give you the energy you need to work late (…when you have to). It’ll strengthen and balance your immune system to fight off colds and viruses. And you know it’ll pay dividends when you’re older.

But searching for the perfect solution through diet is time consuming. Time that could be spent around the dinner table chatting with your kids.

Who wants to spend hours researching, shopping, planning, and cooking the perfect meal each day…mapping out how to get the right combination of vitamins and minerals?  And which foods do you even need to eat to get the right amount of those trickier minerals like B-complex, B12, D, E, zinc, selenium, chromium, and trace minerals?

If just thinking about doing that research sounds exhausting…you aren’t alone.

Which is why (according to the USDA), over 90% of us aren’t getting enough of our daily vitamins and minerals.1 According to the US government, it’s even worse than that…only 3 in every 100 of us are getting it right.2

Even if you DO manage to eat the 7 to 10 portions of fruits and vegetables (that’s now recommended)…you’re still missing out on what you need for optimal health. But why?

There’s a BIG difference between an orange today…and one from 1951?

Generations ago – farms used traditional farming practices.  Tilling the soil.  Growing heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. And picking produce at peak ripeness for the healthiest crops.

Today, most of the fruits and vegetables you buy at your local store are grown on large, industrial farms…with the goal of maximizing profits at the expense of health and nutrition.

Soil depletion. Fruits and vegetables “bred” to be resistant to pests. Genetically modified varieties on the rise. Nasty pesticides frequently used – which suppress your immune system or can even be cancerous when eaten by humans. And then produce picked well before it’s even close to being ripe (so it can survive the 3000 mile journey to your store shelves).

Because of these practices…study, after study, after study (including those from the USDA).

…has shown frightening declines in many essential vitamins and minerals.3

Oranges from 1951 were 8 times more nutritious than oranges picked today.

In fact, according to government statistics you’d have to eat 8 oranges today…to get the same amount of immune system protecting Vitamin A you’d get from just 1 orange in 1951.

Your grandparents enjoyed healthier fruits and veggies than you’re ever going to be able to buy from your local store…unless you’re growing it all yourself.

And it’s not just Vitamin A that’s being lost…it’s B vitamins which help you to convert the food you eat into energy.  It’s carotenoids that protect your heart, eyes and brain. It’s folate that protects you during periods of rapid growth like pregnancy and adolescence.

…and those are just the tip of the carrot.

Sadly, even the strictest diets fall short of the life-giving nutrients you need.

Missing these key nutrients…weakens every cell in your body.  Lowers your energy levels.  Disrupts your digestive system.  Drastically increases free radical damage to your organs.  And removes your defenses when it comes to fighting off colds and viruses…in the short term.

In the long-term, studies indicate that a lack of nutrients and other plant protective compounds cause some ‘hide behind the sofa’ scary results…

In the journal “Nutrients”, Peter S (et al) showed that a lack of nutrients lead to a weakened or overstimulated immune system response, major digestive issues, and even a shorter life.4

And in Pharmacogn, Patil A (et al) showed that a lack of key nutrients daily was causing a greater risk of increased pain in your joints, chronic degenerative diseases (like auto-immune diseases), diabetes, cancer, stroke and even increased heart disease.5

Are supplement pills the answer?

So if you can’t get everything from food…you may do the next best thing and turn to supplements.

…but that might not be the answer you’d hoped for.

Back in the 1930s, scientists first started to create vitamins in their labs…

Lab-made vitamins were first created in the 1930s but it was only recently that the harmful effects on the human body became well studied.

Key vitamins (like vits A, B, C etc) were created under the watchful eyes of the big drug companies…using fossil fuels (like coal tar and acetylene gas). “Super” pills were created with these lab-made vitamins.

Scientists didn’t just stop at vitamins and minerals either. They started to extract antioxidants and phytonutrients too.

Why? Because some “clever” (like evil genius clever) companies started targeting particular needs…like skin, nail, and hair supplements…except, scientists didn’t yet fully understand exactly how that’d work.

Many people started to build their own supplement regimes…using a variety of pills to ensure their health was in tip top shape.

However, with 5 or 6 different supplements being taken everyday…

Each bottle costing at least $20 (assuming you’re opting for the cheaper versions)… 

…or even up to $50 (or more) for the more expensive brands.

 You easily find yourself spending over $120 – $300 on supplements.

Every. Single. Month.

Worryingly…scientists didn’t yet fully understand how isolated nutrients affected the body.

But they soon found out…

How healthy are these lab-made vitamins for your body?

Recent studies have shown that your body treats these lab-made vitamins very differently from the ones that occur naturally.

Your body doesn’t quite know what to do with them…

Sometimes you won’t absorb them at all…and other times it’ll absorb too much.

Which can lead to a toxic build-up of metals like copper and iron in your liver, heart, and brain…increasing your risk of dementia, cancer, and heart disease.

Or a build up of beta carotene that prevents absorption of other healthy carotenoids like lycopene and lutein…that protect your heart, eyes, and brain.

Synthetic pills are not health foods.  So why do approximately 50% of us take multivitamins each day? 

Supplement companies have convinced us that vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional pills can ONLY benefit your health…but it’s not true.

Supplements have toxicological properties…just like medicines and pharmaceuticals…which means taking the wrong amounts can do serious harm to your health. 

You’re wasting your hard earned money on all these pills.  They damage your body.   And you’re not getting any healthier…

Not So Super Superfood Powders

Realizing that multivitamins weren’t necessarily the answer…superfood powders became the next ‘big’ thing in nutrition.

After all, they’re made from real foods, right?  And not just any old foods….but superfoods. 

…sadly, a lot of these superfood powders were still being designed with profit in mind, rather than heath.

But, you CAN spot the good superfood powders from the bad… and the ugly

Your body needs more than just the 30 or so essential vitamins and minerals we’ve all heard of….

You need the thousands of other essential nutrients like phytonutrients, antioxidants, carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids, probiotics, prebiotics….

All working together to make your body healthier (and happier).

And if a superfood powder was to be made using premium quality fruits and vegetables – it’d be loaded with all that goodness.

So, why is the actual content of vitamins and minerals typically so low in a lot of superfood powders? 

Premium ingredients are really expensive…so companies use a simple trick.  

They use lots of lower quality, less nutritious…and CHEAPER ingredients.

Fillers like grass more suitable for a cow consumption than a human stomach.

Making them Thick. Grainy. Gross.

…but, then they add a pinch of the higher quality ingredients (to make it sound good).

So how do you spot the good powders from the bad powders?

Here in the USA, companies have to list their ingredients in order from most to least.  

If you take a look at the first three or four ingredients in any superfood powder…and see things like Wheatgrass Powder (note this is ground up grass, not the wheatgrass juice which is a premium and quality ingredient), Lecithin, or Apple Powder… 

Then it’s likely you’re NOT getting the nutrition you need.

But superfood powders using cheap fillers as their main ingredients…are loaded with vitamins and minerals. What Gives?

Here’s their dirty little secret…they’re spiked with the same synthetic nutrients as multivitamins.

Tell-tale signs that synthetic vitamins are being used is right there on the “Supplement Facts”  label (hiding in plain site).  Look for yourself!

When you see “Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid)” the parentheses show the synthetic vitamin that is being used in place of the naturally occurring vitamin.

In the end, store food isn’t as nutritious as it once was. Multivitamins use lab-made vitamins rather than healthy natural ones. And superfood powders often use cheap filler ingredients spiked with yet more lab-made vitamins.…so where can you turn?

Vitaforce: A Superfood Powder Made From Real Hero Ingredients


Vitamins and minerals in the perfect proportions (backed by research).

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables from hand-selected family farms.

Fruits and vegetables picked at peak ripeness and then freeze dried to lock in nutrients.

Then powdered so it mixes with ease in your favorite drink (or even simply with water).

And it tastes great!

Vitaforce is the 100% natural superfood powder made from real Hero Ingredients (and never spiked with filler or lab-made vitamins).

Regularly taking Vitaforce will help you…

  1. Reverse the harmful effects of lab-made minerals and vitamins. Allowing your body to heal itself and putting your health back under your control.
  1. Balance your immune system all year around. Helping to minimize those down days you can’t afford and keeping your kids safer from playground bugs and viruses.
  1. Maintain a healthy digestive tract. Helping to prevent constipation, bloating, or stomach pains.
  1. Prevent premature aging, dull skin, lackluster hair, and fragile nails. Think shiny hair, glowing skin, and constant questions from friends on what you’ve been doing differently.
  1. Provide nutritional support for healthy blood sugar levels…meaning less damage to organs, nerves, and blood vessels. 
  1. Concentrate for longer and with more ease. Think you…only smarter. At work or just helping your kids with their homework. 
  1. Support for your bones. So you can play with your kids and grandkids without the same fears about getting hurt.
  1. Fight inflammation throughout your entire body even if you don’t eat perfectly, are stressed at work, or aren’t able to exercise as much as you might want.

In Fact, to Get All of The Nutrients In 1 Scoop of Vitaforce…You’d Need to Eat

Vitamin A

2 cups of raw Spinach

Vitamin C

3/4 cup strawberries

Vitamin D

10 cups of fortified orange juice


4 cups black beans


3 cups of green peas

Vitamin B6

5 bananas


1 cup lentils

Vitamin B12

8 cups of fortified almond milk


20 medium tomatoes

Pantothenic Acid

4 cups sunflower seeds


4 cups raw broccoli


48 dried prunes


1 cup kale


7 ounces cashews


2 cups mushrooms


17 cups green beans


18 cups romaine lettuce


8 ounces fermented sauerkraut


1 cup dandelion greens

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90-Day “Virtuous Vitaforce” Money Back Guarantee

The Very Best Organic Sources Across the Entire Planet

Vitaforce finally makes it possible to get the thousands of nutrients you need each day in the way nature intended – from REAL FOOD. Get 100% of your daily nutrients from farm-fresh, hand-picked organic superfoods, vegetables and superfruits.

1. From goji berries grown on the highest altitude organic farm in the world in Tibet.  Surrounded by Mount Everest and K2, Tibet is one of only 4 places in the world with no human pollution and is called “Earth’s Third Pole.”  Because these goji berry plants have to survive with limited rainfall, extreme temperature fluctuations, constant sunlight…they contain much richer antioxidant and nutrient levels than any other goji berries. 

2. To chlorella grown in protected environments that are actually pharmaceutical grade…and tested daily.  This process ensures no cross-contamination or heavy metal contamination.

3. To organic leafy vegetables like kale, collard greens, and spinach. Grown in volcanically rich soil on a small family farm in Utah using traditional farming techniques –  helping to preserve the rich nutrients of the vegetables.

All our ingredients are picked at the peak of ripeness. Immediately cold dried using our “whole nutrient cold-drying” process at each farm which locks in Mother Nature’s goodness.  Ensuring maximum freshness and keeping Vitaforce full of essential nutrients for your body…

Because of the variety and quality of our ingredients, Vitaforce contains Vitamins A, B-Complex, C, E, D, biotin, K, calcium, zinc, selenium, carotenoids, polyphenols, potent strains of probiotics and prebiotics, phytonutrients (like resveratrol and glucosinolates), healthy fiber, chromium, magnesium, blood sugar lowering polyphenols, antioxidants to decrease blood sugar complications, carotenoids like zeaxanthin and lutein to protect your eyes and improve brain performance and so much more…

Our ingredients come from small, organic family farms across the US, Tibet and even the Amazon Rain Forest. Our ingredients are far more nutritious than the produce on your local store shelves (and we never use any cheap fillers).

Vitaforce is:

Vitaforce contains:

Organic Spirulina

The single most nutrient dense food on the planet. With 28 times more beta-carotene than…


Organic Beet Juice

Beet Juice has become one of the hottest ingredients in energy drinks because it is high in healthy…


Organic Kale

Often called the king of vegetables for good reason. In a nutrient scoring system called ANDI which grades…


Organic Broccoli

Broccoli is well-known as one of the healthiest vegetables, and for really good reason – it has shown impressive…


Organic Raspberry

These sweet and tart berries are one of the richest sources of the phytonutrient ellagatannins which…


Organic Kelp

Our organic celandic kelp is the world’s richest source of natural iodine – an essential trace…


Organic Acai Berry

This is one of nature’s most antioxidant rich foods. It is exceptionally high in anthocyanins which give the…


Organic Blueberry

These little blue gems contain some of the same phytonutrients found in red wine, like resveratrol and…


And over 20 other of the most amazing foods on earth (…all the juicy details can be read here).

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90-Day “Virtuous Vitaforce” Money Back Guarantee

Vitaforce: Supplement facts

30 servings per bottle

1 scoop per day

Provides ALL your essential daily nutrients

Light, tasty citrus flavor

Mix one scoop in water, juice, milk or a smoothie

Get healthier with 1 scoop per day

Vitaforce is perfect for you if:

  1. You want to make sure you (and your family) are getting ALL your nutrients each day to protect you now and in the future.  We combined 35 of the most nutrient dense, farm-fresh foods on the planet, like organic berries, kale, acai, collard greens, spirulina, and beet juice. 
  1. You’re looking to regain that vitality and natural energy that comes from fortifying your body with all the thousands of nutrients it needs daily.
  1. You’re trying to prevent the premature aging associated with free radical damage, and the pain and discomfort that is associated with high levels of inflammation.
  1. You’re looking to improve your gut health to promote proper digestion and balance immune function. 
  1. You would rather get your nutrients from vegetables and fruits than from synthetics and pills.  You know Mother Nature brilliantly put ALL the nutrients you need for optimal health in her fruits and vegetables… and you know scientists tinkering in a lab to isolate nutrients can’t outsmart her.  
  1. You’re looking to support your health (and your family’s), but don’t want to take 5, 6, 7 or more different types of pills and supplements each day.  Not only is that really expensive, but it’s also potentially harmful to your health.. You aren’t spending all that money and time to harm your health.
  1. You want to make sure that you give your body the best nutrition it can get, but don’t have the time to research and track how to get the perfect combination of nutrients each day from your diet alone.  You just want a complete and wholesome solution.
  1. You’re socially conscious and are looking to help support a family business that is very careful to source ingredients from farms that pay fair wages and is ecologically responsible.

Because it’s made from the best whole foods in existence, Vitaforce replaces…

Your multivitamin pill, your antioxidant pill, your superfood powder, your pro and prebiotic pill, your bone builder, your skin-hair-nail pill, your fresh pressed juice, and so much more – all in one delicious, easy scoop.

Vitaforce provides powerful nutrition that you can feel!  And getting all the nutrients you’re missing can help in so many ways…

…from improved energy, better digestion, glowing skin, healthier hair and nails, improved immune function, lower levels of inflammation, improved antioxidant levels, and so much more.

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90-Day “Virtuous Vitaforce” Money Back Guarantee

We volunteer Vitaforce for 3rd party testing

Each of our ingredients is tested in independent 3rd party laboratories according to the FDA’s GMP standards…

And you read that right: we volunteer for this testing…

Once all our ingredients are tested, all of the whole food goodness is mixed together in our facilities.  Bottled…And voluntarily tested again.

We don’t know of any other manufacturer who is so meticulous every step of the way.  It’s why we’re allowed to wear this badge with pride:

Have you ever heard of Prop 65?

In California, there’s a law called “Prop 65”:

…the strictest guidelines in the country for regulating heavy metals in nutritional supplements.   If supplements are high in heavy metals…they fail Prop 65.

These standards are so strict that a typical lunchtime salad doesn’t pass them.

We’re REALLY proud to say Vitaforce is one of the few whole food powders that passes these rigorous guidelines…all because of the purity of our ingredients.

Which is why we offer you our:

90-Day Virtuous Vitaforce Guarantee

Moneyback guarantee

We know it’s hard to trust that any nutritional supplement is good enough for you and your family.

You know what?  We love the fact you’re thinking about this carefully. 

No parent would be anything but careful.

Only 1 in every 330 people ever return a Vitaforce bottle…but if you’re one of those people, for any of the reasons below…

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee. 

We guarantee Vitaforce in 3 ways:

  1. Best Ingredients – Vitaforce contains the highest quality ingredients you can find in any supplement.  We personally inspect our farms and test every ingredient for every batch.  Testing everything from nutritional content, purity, the growing conditions, soil testing, and social responsibility.  We also never purchase ingredients from China.  We’re so confident in the quality of our ingredients, we 100% guarantee you will not find another nutritional supplement that provides comparable quality of nutrients.
  1. Taste – Taste matters.  Vitaforce could be the healthiest supplement in existence, but if it tastes like mixed bitter herbs, you won’t take it day after day.  So we worked our butts off to make Vitaforce taste good.   Even when mixed in just plain water.  Vitaforce tastes like a light citrus flavor…and doesn’t contain any artificial flavours or sweeteners.
  1. Satisfaction – Vitaforce provides ALL the nutrients your body needs.  You don’t need to buy 5 different pills and powders.  No other supplement does that.  Getting these nutrients is the foundation of optimal health.  If you aren’t totally satisfied, let us know.  We’ll refund your purchase price.

You have 90 days to try your first bottle of Vitaforce — if you don’t like it, you don’t even need to ship it back to us.  Just keep it.

Free Shipping

90-Day “Virtuous Vitaforce” Money Back Guarantee

What Our Customers Say About Vitaforce

Christina H.Verified Buyer

“I feel healthier inside and out. The first change I noticed was my skin and nails. My friends have commented on my new healthy glow. I love it!”

Robert B.Verified Buyer

“I’ve spent a lot of time researching supplements and vitamins and there are often so many chemicals. I love this because it’s real food.”

Richard F
Richard F.Verified Buyer

“I love how amazing it makes me feel, but my favorite part is the taste. It’s so delicious and refreshing.”

Zaki H.Verified Buyer

“I used to take pills of calcium, vitamin C, antioxidants and a whole host of other ones….but I really hate pills. With VITAFORCE, it’s so easy, I just take one scoop a day and I’m done.”

Chantelle T.Verified Buyer

“As a mom, I have a limited amount of time to take care of myself…with Vitaforce I get all my supplements in one drink without having to take any pills.”

Susanna W.Verified Buyer

“Shopping for all the supplements I wanted to take was always so stressful and complicated. Now I just take Vitaforce once in the morning. It’s made my life so much easier.”

Justin B.Verified Buyer

“I am very active, have three young boys, and a stressful job. I love Vitaforce because it makes my supplement routine simple. I trust it because it makes me feel so much better. And the amount of energy I get when I take it is really noticeable.”

David P.Verified Buyer

“Vitaforce truly is the best Green Superfood Powder that I have ever tried! It tastes of citrus…not of saw dust like some of the others.”

Jennifer H.Verified Buyer

“I’ve tried juicing, which to me is a disaster because I have to clean up and I hate that. What I love about VITAFORCE is it tastes good, it’s good for me…and I don’t have to clean up anything when I’m done.”

Wenda D.Verified Buyer

“I’m a grandmother now, and VITAFORCE helps power me through my work day, and I still have enough energy left to play with my grandkids.” (Individual results may vary)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential nutrients I need each day?

Experts used to think that the only essential nutrients you need each day were your daily vitamins and minerals. Nutritional science has come a long way, and now the experts recognize that for optimal health, there are thousands of essential nutrients, called foundational nutrients, found naturally in fruits and vegetables — things like vitamins and minerals, but also trace minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics and support enzymes, among hundreds of other health promoting “support nutrients” found naturally in plant foods like vegetables and fruits.

How do I take VITAFORCE?

It’s simple. You can either put a scoop in 6 to 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage, and stir. Or, pour it all into a shaker cup and shake. It mixes quickly and easily. Some of our customers like to make a morning smoothie or fresh juice – just add VITAFORCE to power up your morning drink into a supercharged, essential nutrient drink.

If I take VITAFORCE do I need to take any other nutritional supplements?

VITAFORCE is designed to replace and improve upon most of your other dietary supplements – including multivitamin and multimineral pills, green superfood powders, antioxidant pills, probiotic and prebiotic supplements, bone health pills and hair, skin and nail supplements. VITAFORCE makes your life simple – and saves you money!

How does VITAFORCE taste?

VITAFORCE is actually delicious and refreshing. It has a light citrus flavor and tastes good even in plain water. For a real treat, our favorite way to take VITAFORCE is to mix one scoop of VITAFORCE into a glass of milk or a milk alternative (our favorite is almond milk). It’s a great way to satisfy that sweet tooth in the healthiest way possible.

Is everything in VITAFORCE organic?

Most of the ingredients in VITAFORCE are organic, but not all. “Organic” does not always mean high quality, unfortunately – we look for the best ingredients whether they are certified organic or not. For example, our chlorella is the cleanest and highest quality in the world, but it is not certified organic. All the “organic” chlorella currently produced in the world comes out of China, and is nutritionally inferior and potentially dangerous to your health. All the ingredients in VITAFORCE are pesticide free.

Does VITAFORCE need to be refrigerated?

VITAFORCE is shelf stable for two years. While we recommend refrigerating it once you open the bottle, refrigeration is not absolutely necessary.

How often should I take VITAFORCE?

Generally speaking, we recommend one scoop per day to get all your essential nutrients. If you believe you are very low in nutrients, or if you feel under the weather, you can take two scoops spaced throughout the day to really supercharge your body’s nutrient reserves and defenses.

Should I stop taking VITAFORCE if I notice improvements?

No, since your body needs a daily supply of all those essential nutrients, we highly recommend that for optimal nutrient levels, you take one scoop of VITAFORCE daily as suggested.

Are there any side effects with taking VITAFORCE?

VITAFORCE is made up of fruits, vegetables and superfoods so it should be well tolerated by most everyone. It also contains no common allergens – it is free of dairy, soy, nuts, gluten and corn. As with any supplement, if any severe adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult a health care professional.

How fast will VITAFORCE work for me?

Individual results may vary. Some users may see results quicker than others, however the benefits of VITAFORCE are cumulative over time, and works best when taken daily. But even with the very first scoop, VITAFORCE immediately starts to benefit your health in so many different ways. Take one scoop daily to address all your essential nutrient needs!

Will VITAFORCE conflict with my medication?

Although there are no known reported conflicts from taking VITAFORCE, as with any dietary ingredient, it is always suggested you seek advice from a health care professional if you have concerns about the medications you take.


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"The first change I noticed was my skin and nails. My friends have even commented on my new healthy glow. I love it!"
--Christina H.

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